• Gordon Richard Bellamy (Birth Certificate)
  • G. Richard Bellamy (Driver’s License)
  • rbellamy (github, bitbucket, stackoverflow, etc.)
  • pteradigm (Twitter)

I spend an inordinate amount of time naming things. I love the articulation of the natural world. I struggle to understand, and rarely succeed, but sometimes I get a glimpse of something ravishing and magnificent. Some of my best friends are cats. I’ve earned millions and been homeless. I’m a gun-toting, fiscally conservative, socially liberal anarchist who believes in the rule of law. I almost believe most conspiracy theories. I believe in causation before correlation. I believe there is more causation than science currently allows.

I write (and break) code, I build (and break) systems, and I design (and decompose) databases.

I work in the Real Estate Technology space running a group of developers. We’re building next generation data analytics for the entire Real Estate space: Agent, Broker, Office Manager, Regional Manager, Corporate Manager, Corporate Executive.

I’m a d0rk.

One thought on “About

  1. Richard, I ran across your blog. The thing that I was searching for was opinions regarding Labtech / Connectwise. Whole heartedly agree with your conclusions and perspectives. Anyway, I own and run Business Computer Consulting (near Seattle, WA) and also run a blog at http://www.seattle-computers.com. I would love for you to write or at least syndicate your material on my blog (with full authoring respect to you, of course). Love your wit, cynicism and open mind. Like a good sweet and sour it just “tastes” good when read.


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